New digs: Washington University in St. Louis

The lab’s moved to Washington University in St Louis, and I with them. We’re unpacking and getting set up in our swanky new space.

Hopefully the amoebae will act more or less the same as in our previous lab, but I wouldn’t bet too much on it. My experience in Greg Velicer’s lab showed that sometimes experiments can give different results in different labs. Paul Turner found that the culprit is often the water. Knowing this, I spent many late nights back in Houston finishing up a big block of experiments to get a discrete chunk of data collected in only one lab. I’ve yet to analyze it all, but I’ll probably need to do a couple follow-up experiments to get at the cause(s) of the effects there. Hopefully any differences will be minor.

I also want to capitalize on Dicty’s photogenicity (by microbial standards) and get a bunch of cool pictures to use in talks, on this site, and maybe even as cover images for journals.